Real Like A Plastic Bouquet (glortw) wrote in vaginapagina,
Real Like A Plastic Bouquet

lack of bc. questions..

So, I realised too late that I will be out of my Ortho Cyclen as of Sunday. My PP (and other local ones) are only open til 3 tomorrow. Tomorrow, if not snowed in, I will have work until 3. Even if I get out of work on time, it's at least 15 min from any location. Saturday, one location is open, but only til 2:30. I have work until 3. So, I'm asking all of you: if I am without my pills for Sunday and maybe Monday, should I just avoid sex for those days? Will I really start ovulating & all in 2 days? I have been taking them daily for months. I just had my "period" a week or two ago.
Or, do you think PP would let me have my mom pick them up for me? Or does it have to be the person they're prescribed to?

Thank you!
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