Stufey (stufey) wrote in vaginapagina,

Reaction to Gentian Violet?

So I had a Yeast infection that started a week and a half ago, right after my period...
I took 3 pills of Diflucan 1 every other day (finished yesterday) I also used Gentian Violet, oral acidophilus and then gynelotrimin cream as well as wearing no panties...
I'm pretty sure the infection is gone, but my labia and the under part of my clitoris are still red and inflamed and very uncomfortable feeling. I didn't have the redness until after I used the Gentian Violet, it almost looks like it created some sores? what do I put on it now?
I tired hydracortisone cream and it did nothing... I just don't know what else to do..
I have a doc appt next week. But it's just for my annual.

HELP! has anyone else had a reaction like this?
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