a_lily_for_you (a_lily_for_you) wrote in vaginapagina,

4 days overdue, all the symptoms but no bleeding

Hey VP's.

I'm 22, sexually active (last had sex, protected, on the 14th February) and went to the doctors last Tuesday (16th Feb) to start on the combined pill. I've been told/read the packet to start my first pill on the first day of my period. So I waited...and I have not started them.

I was due to start my period on Sunday, but it is now Thursday and there's nothing.
I'm feeling all my usual signs; pains in the back and abdomen and sometimes contraction type pains quite deep. Also it's a bit strange, but I've had this sort of...churning coming from my lower stomach and even now it's becoming uncomfortable with the what seems like cramps; but there's no bleeding, no sign of it at all.

I had the same delay with my period before last and was so frightened that I went out and brought a double pack of pregnancy tests. I used one about two days after my period was due and it was negative, but then I started the day after.

I took my other test yesterday for this period and it was negative again.

Am I just stressing about this too much and anxious to start my pack and this is just delaying my period?
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