Rachel (rachelashleigh) wrote in vaginapagina,

UTI to YI possibly?

You guys were great with my last post about my UTI so I thank you for that. I saw the doctor he did a urine sample test, which funny enough didn't come back as a strong infection and he prescribed me Ciprofloxacin to take care of it. My urine sample that went to the lab came back today and I certainly did have a low grade UTI.

But here's my new concern...my labia minora seems like it's swelled up in size? It doesn't seem to be inflamed, it's what appears to be the normal colour for me, I don't have that itchy YI discomfort (have that that one before)...so I'm not too sure what is going on. Is it the anti-biotic (Cipro) that is having this effect? I'm on HBC (Alesse) as well I don't know if that affects anything. Nothing unusual discharge wise, I've noticed more of a collection of sebum mind you...no smegma. I'm not entirely concerned right now, since I'm not in pain. But my labia minora has seemed to swell to a size as if I was aroused and that's about it.

Any suggestions of what might be going on? Should I be more concerned once I'm done the anti-biotic and it is still this size? I'm wondering if I might be beginning a YI...which wouldn't surprise me with the combination of HBC and this anti-biotic.
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