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Hymenectomy Chronicles (its been a while!) -- Conclusion!

Well I have not posted on here in forever due to a livejournal hiatus (weird how that sometimes happens right?) I hadn't had a lot to update on for a while but now I think I am ready for the conclusion of my whole hymenectomy ordeal. Here are two of my previous posts, not sure if there were any more I remember there being a 3rd but it wasn't tagged.
Part One
Part Two

I had been dating the same guy for about 4 years, and he stayed with me after the surgery but we were having troubles the few times we did try having sex because I think it was too soon and he was too afraid for it to burn a little when it happened because I kind of would gasp because it felt like burning/stinging so we were unable to have sex when we did try. He began being condescending sexually towards me, acting like I was messed up because it still wasn't working and he was not supportive anymore and it really made me lose positive feelings toward him and even if I wanted or was capable of having sex, I didn't want to with him because he made me feel .. "broken". He started expecting ome to get him off everytime we were affectionate and stuff, would text me on my drive home from his house if that night all we did was cuddle and makeout saying "youre a fuckin tease"... just really painful things andd stuff so I was incapable of having intercourse with him, and we broke up.

I had a set of vaginal dilators that I had been using when I was dating my ex but I stopped using them because I just never set the time to make use of them even though I do recommend them to anyone who needs help taking steps to the "full size", they were wonderful. Eventually I got to the largest size (which is girthier than the penises I have had contact with) and it was pretty burn-y feeling and required some slow forcefulness to inch it in.

I thought maybe the hymenectomy didn't solve my problems and maybe it was psychological issues playing the biggest role and maybe vaginismus BUT as of the last month or so I have been with a new partner, and we have been having intercourse wooo! :) the first time didn't really hurt at all, it had (and still has) like 5-10 seconds of a mild burn/stretching feeling but I don't mind it much at all but after that it is painfree and quite pleasurable! :) I haven't orgasmed from having sex with him but it is not a goal I really have I am just pleased enough being able to have nonpainful intercourse :P I really was surprised when it first went in I felt like I was maybe misunderstanding it all I was like wow... it's supposed to be THAT simple?? No hunting for the opening, no deep breaths needed to relax for penetration... it just goes in? woah :P hah. I am still amused.

Tampons continue to be fine it is easier removing them now, and everything is seemingly normal down there and I thought I would just give my final update on the hymenectomy results, which are that it was the right treatment for my problem! Hope all you lovelies are doing excellent :)!
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