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legal question about abortion

Hi all,

I am still unsure if I am pregnant or not at this point, because my period is roughly a week late and I haven't taken a test yet, but I am considering my options in the even that I AM pregnant. Here are my questions, and personal detail/story under the cut, thanks :)

Do I need parental consent in order to get an abortion in Montreal, Qc, Canada if I am under 18?

Is there a way I could get birth control in the case that I am not, in fact, pregnant without my parents knowing? (would they know from my insurance? I'm talking about Canadian health care)

First of all I have to start off by saying that I am aware that I have no taken all the necessary precautions against pregnancy and that yes my partner and I were quite frankly careless and reckless, but there's nothing I can do about it now, so :(

I am 17 years old and my family is very strict and old fashioned. I have been sexually active for about 4 months now, and I know for a fact that my parents would be outraged and would not allow such activities, so I did not dare ask for the pill (they do not know). My mom has repeatedly told me that my body is sacred, and I agree, but I for one feel comfortable sharing it with my boyfriend because I trust him and I love him. We started out using condoms of course, but we have done it a few times without it recently, even though he has been sure to pull out before he comes everytime.

My period has never been VERY regular: my cycles vary from 22 to 36 days. I am using a calendar that calculated that my average cycle is 25 days and as of now I am 7 days late. I am beginning to worry that I am pregnant, and at this stage in my life there is NO way I have it. My parents, for one, would KILL me, and I have too many plans that would be disrupted by an unplanned pregnancy. I am an straight A student aspiring to become a doctor and honestly I wouldn't be able to have a child right now. I have been pro-choice since I knew what abortion was, so I am willing to consider getting one.

However, given my parents' mentality, I would prefer avoiding them knowing ANYTHING about my sexual life, so that is why I ask those questions.

For the second question, I am aware of patient-doctor confidentiality, but if I were to buy it, would it show up anywhere? Same goes for the abortion, I guess. Thanks for reading :)
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