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Phantom Periods?

A post by a friend of mine made me wonder about the symptoms I'm having at the moment.

I'm experiencing all the usual period symtoms. Cramping tummy, sore breasts, feeling dizzy, tiredness, horrible overheating though not an actual fever, have bloated tummy, and diarrhea and icky tummy in general.
I used to get terrible diarrhea before my periods and through the beginning.

Now... I haven't had a period in about 8 years.
I was on depo provera through that time and it totally stopped my periods.
My last depo ran out 25th November, that's when the next one was due by as a last day due by thing, so that's when it ran out.
I've not started periods yet since then. But I'm really feeling this at the moment. But no blood.
Is it possible my hormones have become active enough that I'm expecting a period and reacting to it, but it's not actually there yet?

Or do I just have a tummy bug?

No, I'm not pregnant.
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