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Edit - I picked up some yogurt over at the supermarket just before. It says "Ingredients: Milk, Milk Solids, Live Yoghurt Live Cultures with Acidophilus, Bifidus and Casei, No Added Starches or Sugar, No Gelatine, No Artificial Colouring, Flavouring or Preservatives."

Hoping that's okay?

Just another YI question. Little while ago, I went through some antibiotics for an UTI, which then lead me to a very mild yeast infection. I used some RepHresh, as I really hadn't used anything before. It seemed to have worked, my period came not too much later. Boyfriend and I had sex earlier this week, everything seemed fine. My bits haven't been feeling great, but it was only after I went to the toilet and thought maybe I was wiping too hard? Anyways. Today, lots of discharge and some burning.

I can't get to the doctors till probably monday. I know, I know. Long story short, I leave this store on Saturday and I've already extended my hours because I needed to leave early the other day. I am kinda contemplating to call in sick and just go get myself checked out. But I feel kinda bad.

I think we have a chemist open late, but I can't quite remember. I was just thinking of running across to the supermarket and trying the yogurt remedy just to get me through? I haven't ever done it before and I'm kinda nervous. I saw an add for some OTC thing starting with C, I'm in Australia and I wasn't paying attention.

Sorry for rambling D: 
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