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Pregnancy Symptoms - Negative Test!

My body is being very very confusing at the moment.

I broke up with my boyfriend of 2 1/2 years around christmas time. I stopped taking the pill last october because I was starting on anti-depressants. Of course we hooked up a couple of times because I suck at letting go.
I last had my period around my birthday which was around the 16th of January...I had marked on my calendar that I was due my period on the 14th of this still has not come.

I am experiencing all the symptoms of pregnancy. Late period, peeing a lot!, tender breasts, very very tired...I seem bloated as well. I took two pregnancy tests last Friday and they were both negative! Is it possible the test is wrong? I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend just after my last period..but he did not cum in me!

I'm 21...if my age is relevant!

Whats going on?!

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