Jess (tabula_xrasa) wrote in vaginapagina,

The Typical "Could I Be Pregnant" Post

Ok, so, I am relatively certain that I am not pregnant. However, I want to post anyway, because there are a lot of questions I have that I'd like to have cleared up. And just in case.

So, on February 1st, I got my last period. However, it was extremely short and light (barely 3 days long, when they're typically at least 6) and came a little bit earlier than usual (cycle day 32- my cycles lately have been around 36-40 days long). Now, before that, I never had unprotected sex, though I am not on the pill. But we never had any issues with condoms--never any breaking or anything. So I do not think the short period could have been implantation or decidual bleeding, though I guess anything is possible. Still, about a week after that short period, I took a pregnancy test which came out negative.

Anyway, on Friday night we did have an issue with the condom breaking. He pulled out right away and had not ejaculated into the condom. Further, he had not ejaculated prior to that since about five days earlier. I've read that there is no sperm in precum except the trace amounts that remain after the previous ejaculation. And I also read that sperm dies within four days. I know for certain that he hadn't masturbated and we had not had sex in five days. For those reasons, I wasn't too worried about the incident and decided to forego taking Plan B (which I hope wasn't a mistake).

Now, today I've been having very light bleeding again just like the start of my last period. Now I am inclined to believe that my periods are just being irregular, since they've been pretty off for the past year or so, and I've had a lot of stress and change to deal with lately, but could this be implantation bleeding? Could the last one have been decidual bleeding and this one also be?

I'd guess that there's no real way to know for sure until I wait a while and take another pregnancy test (I only have one left, so I want to save it until I can be assured of accurate results). However, if anyone can give any helpful information, that'd be great. I feel very uninformed about everything, despite having attempted to do a lot of research online.
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