hope1517 (hope1517) wrote in vaginapagina,

Words of Advice Please

I need your opinions to ease my worrying mine. Last night my boyfriend and I had sex with a condom. It was going fine the entire time until the very end when he pulled out because he felt like he had to finish (condom or not he always pulls out). That's when we realized that in the last few minutes of sex the entire condom ripped. While he never actually finished and came, although he felt like he had to, I'm so worried. The condom was ripped for the last 2 minutes or so, and to top it off between last night/today I'm pretty positive I'm ovulating.

What worried me most, is that when I stood up clear fluid from me got all over the bed, and it smelt like the latex condom. And when I touched it (sorry to be gross) it looked just like any female clear mucus but smelt like the condom (at first I thought it smelt like sperm!) Could that have been something he didn't realize he secreted in me, or was it just my own fluids?

What are the chances I will become pregnant? I was going to get a EC but I read that if ovulating it will not work! Idk what to do, he never actually ejaculated but you never know if somehow sperm could have been released in the last few mins when the condom broke! I'm panicking, and of course when my periods due in 2 weeks its my 21st birthday...I don't need any surprises :( Why did it have to break at the end like that!! :(

Also, he has came early in the morning...idk if that matters but I have read that more a man ejaculates the less powerful his load of sperm? Idk!

Words of advice/Similar Experience!? Thank you. :)
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