kidswithclaws (kidswithclaws) wrote in vaginapagina,

some HPV (genital warts) questions

me and my long-term boyfriend are 20 and dealing with what we believe is genital warts.

here's a breakdown of the situation:
he was a virgin before he met me and has never had sexual contact with anyone else. I on the other hand have had several sexual partners, though only one of them had had a large number of partners and the rest were either virgins or one who had slept with one other person who was a virgin.
I've never had any genital warts myself, and always had normal pap results (though I know that's not an accurate indication of over-all HPV status), and in the last three weeks my boyfriend has broken out with about 7 small, raised, flesh-colored, what I would describe as "normal looking" warts (as in, not cauliflower in appearance). I'm assuming I caught this virus from my one "high risk" partner and just never knew I had it. luckily, my boyfriend really couldn't care less about these warts, to the point where it's frustrating because he doesn't want me to try to help remove them and just wants to let them sit there. ugh.

but there's something that strikes me as odd about these warts.

1. my boyfriend's warts aren't on his genitals. the lowest ones are at the very top of where his public hair (unshaven, untrimmed) is or just BARELY in his pubic hair region. the highest one is almost at his belly button level. from what I've read, gential warts are usually on the penis, testicles, base of the penis, or inner thighs. he has no warts in these places (I checked thoroughly to make sure). these warts just seem really high up and far away from the genitals to be for sure genital warts, yet they're low enough that we've just assumed them to be genital warts. I wont be able to convince him to go to a doctor to get an expert opinion (he thinks I'm making way too big a deal out of this whole thing) so I was just wondering what you lovely people think!

and my second question:

2. a few months ago, I accidentally found out my one "high risk" partner had been cheating on me, a long time after the fact. I ended up speaking to the girl and we both had no idea that he had been with both of us at the same time. she seemed like a really nice girl, but I could tell she was still in love with him so she had some hard feelings towards me, even though I had no idea. should I contact her and explain to her that me and my boyfriend are dealing with genital warts that I'm positive came from the partner we shared? I feel like I should because she could at least know to watch out for it, but at the same time I feel like it would be awkward and since HPV is so common, should I bother? what would you all do if you were in my position?

thank you all so much in advance!
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