the gothic kitten (x_cybergoth_x) wrote in vaginapagina,
the gothic kitten

cramping after orgasm

right, I am probably going to come across as a dumb first time pregnant broad. See here is the issue. I am NOT pregnant. At least I hope I am not, given that I am 10 months post partum with my first born son (who says hi by the way, he's trying to get at the keyboard to do so), and have a Mirena coil in place.


I am fully aware of having cramps after orgasms during pregnancy, though admittedly if it happened to me they were mild enough that I didn't notice. However, last night, after having a lovely slow round of lovemaking with my hubby (I was on top if it makes any difference, I have no idea, I'm not exactly shy to discuss this stuff, can you tell?) during which I got my happies twice, had a bit of a kiss and a canoodle while still mounted on my man in the warm and fuzzies after, finally I get off and WHOA! Hold the phone! I am cramping up like I haven't since I was a teenager with menstrual cramps that used to put me in bed for at least two days of every period and the very reason I went onto hormonal birth control in the first place. Ow, like ow! I have not felt pain like that since labour for crying out loud! Admittedly the worst is over in five minutes but a background reasonably heavy cramp remained until I fell asleep about 10 minutes later, thankfully gone by morning.

And what confuses me is that hubby and I have been having sex since six weeks after delivery and no cramping. So... is my body just throwing me a loop just because it can? Is there something else going on... and because I can't get the damn question out of my head and for damn peace of mind, is a pee stick pregnancy test accurate if you have a Mirena in place. (I have a spare test in the house, I bought a box of two when I was late with my period. I only needed one and 30 seconds to know I was pregnant so it sits there waiting to be used. I may just take it for peace of mind....)

Ladies, your thoughts please.
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