that's why his dick's so big, it's full of secrets (1842) wrote in vaginapagina,
that's why his dick's so big, it's full of secrets

very late period, not pregnant

my periods have been regular nearly all the time - i think i've skipped one cycle a few times, but other than that they have stayed mostly regular. the last time i got a menstrual cycle was in mid-late november (i never bothered to chart, which i will change after i get my period back!)

potentially relevant information:
- i have never had sex with a man, so pregnancy is out of the question
- for the last week or so my breasts have been EXTREMELY tender/sore, but only when touched
- i recently stopped drinking soda entirely (previously i had probably a minimum of 24 oz. of soda a day, and it was insanely unhealthy so i quit cold turkey in early january and experienced no problems except a few headaches)
- i don't know if this is REALLY relevant or not, but lately (since the last period) i've taken a HUGE interest in childbirth and having children whereas i didn't care about these things at all previously
- i am not stressed
- i am not on birth control or any other medication
- i am 19

is there any reason i should worry? other than the breast tenderness i have no other symptoms of anything. should i go to a doctor (i would prefer to only do this if it sounds as though there's a legitimate problem)? could the sudden dramatic drop in caffeine from my diet take away the period?

any help or insight would be great, TIA!
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