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FAM questions, xposted from FAM

I don't have my copy of TCOYF anymore, and I'm curious about the reasoning behind the 3 and 4 day rule for TTA.

I know you're supposed to wait until 3 days post temp shift AND 4 days post Peak day. I understand this is precautionary, but my question is, if it was a true temp shift, is it actually possible to get pregnant 3 days afterward? I ask because my CM can be pretty ambiguous (EW is recognizable, but I have creamy/sticky every day of my cycle, so I never really 'dry up'-- also, for this reason I don't have any unprotected sex before my temp shift.) I can reliably confirm my temp shift with *intense* breast tenderness, which has appeared the day after my temp shift since I started charting 9 months ago.

Most often, I get EW until the day before my temp shift, and then creamy for the rest of my cycle. So I tend to count the first day after my temp shift as the first day post Peak day, usually even if the EW ends a day before that. But this month, I slipped up and had unprotected sex on the afternoon of day 3 post temp shift. Any idea what my chances of pregnancy are from that encounter?

I'm not planning on doing that again, but just so I understand better, is one safe for sex ON the third day, or AFTER the third day?
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