jbyrdski (jbyrdski) wrote in vaginapagina,

Painful sex accident

While having PIV sex yesterday, we were at a funny angle, with my pelvis tilted up, and him on top with his legs on the bed and his chest raised up really high, and my BF *SLAMMED* into my...anterior fornix? At least, that's my best guess as to what he hit. It was INCREDIBLY painful. As in, I really think I felt my uterus move and crash into whatever other organs I've got around there, and it was an intense, crushing pain in my lower abdomen, much worse than when he just hits my cervix straight on (I usually like that, actually). And today I am still in terrible pain. It's a sharp pain, plus it feels like really bad menstrual cramps, plus a really achy lower back, and I have a swollen/bloated feeling in my lower abdomen, all of this slightly to the right side.

Besides taking advil, which I've already done, does anyone have any ideas to alleviate the pain? It feels like it wants to be iced, but obviously I don't know how to ice my anterior fornix... Also, I'm planning on avoiding that position from now on, but I think he's hit that spot before in other positions (not as hard) and since I guess I don't always know where my cervix is at, any tips for avoiding it in the future? (He's not particularly long, and I was super aroused, but I'm a little bit terrified of it ever happening again, that's how painful it was...)
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