misssockpuppet (misssockpuppet) wrote in vaginapagina,

post-yeast discharge

so FINALLY, my loves, the yeast infection is gone! i mean, i can feel it for about 2 seconds a day, but oh my god, it feels great to sleep without waking up every 10 minutes to itch. and lucky me, i got to have sex last night! now, it was somewhat painful, just a little tearing-feeling, but nothing unbearable, and i'm sure i'm just still recovering. i didn't get any actual cuts, though. what i'm wondering is now i have a slight brown...and i mean like...milky/tan discharge. do you think this is because of the YI, and i'm just gettin' back to normal? of course, i'm losing my mind thinking of implantation bleeding stuff, but my boyfriend has the inability to cum around me, and i'm on hbc. but, anyone have any suggestions?
thanks in advance :)
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