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Claiming compensation for sexual assault.

I really hope this is appropriate to post here. It's more of a law question, but I know there are a lot of survivors here so I thought it probably wouldn't hurt to ask.

A friend of mine was recently assaulted in her home. A guy followed her home from work and broke into her house while she was sleeping, she woke up to him naked on top of her with a knife. When she tried to fight him off, he repeatedly punched her with the handle of the knife trying to knock her out, but she didn't. She continued to fight him off and received really deep defensive wounds on her hands and arms. He eventually ran when his balaclava came off. They caught him though.

She has had to have microsurgery because the nerves were so cut up, and she has to wear casts on her arms/hands for the next 3 months. After that she has rehab for a year, learning to use her hands again.
She cant do anything that you would use your hands for anymore. She left her job and deferred from university. She has had to move back in with her parents because she cant even feed herself.

I know that compensation is available for victims of violent crime, and I would like her to apply. The money would help her out majorly, because this who thing has cost her so much.
BUT I don't want to tell her to do it if the process is going to be traumatic at all.

I was wondering if anyone here has applied? Or if you know anyone who has applied? What was the process like? - Here's some information about it. It's just my state, but other places have it too.
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