calliope_music (calliope_music) wrote in vaginapagina,

leg pain during period/condomless sex

hi superstars,

i poked around looking for an answer to my question but didn't find it (or completely missed it). does anyone else get intense leg pain when they get their period? mine is ALWAYS in my thighs. that's actually how i know my period is coming, not actual cramps. does anyone know why this happens? it's always been mind boggling to me.

also, i am on the pill and i would like to go condomless with my bf (we've been in a monogamous relationship for over a year, both STI-free) but he seems really freaked out by the idea. i take my pill nearly perfectly (i may be 20 minutes late with one some days). i absolutely respect that he wants to continue with condoms, but sometimes it's nice to just feel HIM. any ideas of how to talk with him? i've brought the subject up before but i don't know if i went about it the wrong way or what...

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