mxmissileproof (mxmissileproof) wrote in vaginapagina,

Female Urination Devices

So, I really, really, really want to get a female urination device. So far, the different kinds I've found are The Whiz, the Freshette, and Go-Girl. Does anyone have any experience with these? They all have pretty good reviews, and the Go-Girl is the cheapest at $12. However, one complaint I've seen about that one is since the hole at the bottom is small, it can overflow if you reeeally have to go. The Freshette seems like it'd be best for not having to pull your pants down, because with the size of the Go-Girl it seems like you'd still have to pull 'em down and... lean in some direction. I'm looking for thoughts, opinions, and experiences here ladies!

(PS: I know there was a post about this relatively recently.. but I looked through and can't seem to find it. If someone knows where it is, feel free to post please!)
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