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STILL bleeding

Hello labies.

I have had my period for three weeks now. The first two, I was on the active pills (Im on Linessa - have been for over a year), and the last week I was on my placebo week. For the first bit, it was mostly brown spotting - but in more amounts than normal. I assumed this to be due to the fact that I "skipped" too many periods in a row. Now I have learned my lesson - because I have had a regular period for almost 9 days now. I started my new pack of pills on Thursday and I am STILL bleeding. I would like for this to end - I need to have sex, I enjoy my frilly underwear more so than my designated period ones and I HATE spending money on all of these pads and tampons. Any suggestions? I checked out this website but I do not feel comfortable switching brands of birth control (I had started out on Yasmin and bled every two weeks for 4 months - not cool!) I know I shouldnt skip so many periods... but in the mean time, this has GOT to end!!

Thank you!
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