Okapifeathers (okapifeathers) wrote in vaginapagina,

Quick question

My first post here, I don't plan on sticking around for long. Honest truth was that I was a bit nervous if my friends spotted me joining this comm, but then decided that I didn't care because we're all pretty open anyway. xD

Anyway, onto the question! I get regular periods, yatta yatta, and sometimes I don't get any cramps or anything, not even slight irritation, where as other times (more recently) I get epic cramping and I usually get regular old cold like symptoms. It goes away pretty fast, my period only lasts maybe five days at the most, but it's at the point where it bothers me.

One of my friends suggested I go on Birth Control pills. Apparently it's good at regulating periods (mine likes to surprise me and be finicky) as well as relieving cramps and such. Now, this sounds great to me, but I have no idea about how to go about selecting the one that's cool for me, or even finding the stuff. I'm not really like other girlies who can just ask their mums, I'm not really close enough to mine (at least, that's how I see it) and I don't exactly feel comfortable walking up to a pharmacy counter and asking for some (I'm 16).

So what's the best way of dealing with this? Should I talk to my friends? Will I have to ask a doctor? We have a new family doctor who is nice, but I still don't feel comfortable enough to say anything to him. :/

Thanks much you guys!
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