Rachel (rachelashleigh) wrote in vaginapagina,

UTI woes

Alright, quick question for all of you. I can't get to a doctor/walk-in clinic until tomorrow, and I know I have a UTI. Had it once before, I have the tell-a-tale signs of frequent urgent feeling of 'gotta pee!' and I noticed my urine was pretty cloudy. I remember getting some anti-biotics and luckly cleared up pretty well. As you can imagine, I'm in agony. Anyone have any tips of what I can do in the meanwhile to try to ease the pains (if there is anything!).

And I take it that it would be best for me to hold off on PIV sex until I finish the anti-biotics and I feel better, yes? Oh, and I'm on HBC (Alesse), taking an anti-biotic and my HBC can compromise the effectiveness of my HBC, correct? I'm not planning (at least now I'm not) to have sex until it's all cleared up, I'm just curious.

Thanks! :)
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