Mer (authentic) wrote in vaginapagina,

Starting HBC Mid Cycle

I need advice on how to take my HBC the next few weeks as I'm a bit of a HBC noob when it comes to anything other than normal, perfect usage. I'm currently in a long distance relationship and will get to see my man again in three weeks, however I'm a little unsure if we'll be protected at that time due to the fact that I started my pill this month about a week and a half after my period ended rather than immediately. I've heard that when you start mid cycle you may have already ovulated, thus you are unprotected even after a week of perfect use. Is this true? If it is I was wondering if I should finish this week, have a withdrawal bleed, and start a new pack/cycle.. I'm not exactly sure if this would even work correctly as a "cycle reset" but that's where you can help me. :)
So what should I do? Continue my current pack and stack through my visit? Or finish this week, have a withdrawal bleed, and start a new one?
I'd prefer not to resort to condoms as we aren't fond of them, but if I'm unprotected then I'd rather be safe than sorry.
Thanks in advance!

If it helps I'm on Low-Ogestrel.
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