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Paragard, Mirena, NuvaRing, and Migraine

Hello hello,

I am a 25 year old nulliparous lady in a 3-year-plus long monogamous relationship. I have been a paragard user for about 2 years. Before that, I was a nuvaring user for maybe 3 years, and for the 5 years prior to that, I used an assortment of birth control pills.

I am, right now, having a moment where I realize how long I've been sexually active. DANG.

I am considering switching to a mirena on the advice of my physician because I have recently been diagnosed with menorrhagia, which is abnormally long (for me, up to 11 days) and abnormally heavy (mine are up to 90-100mls of fluid per period as measured by divacup, normal is 30mls/period). I also have pretty serious migraines, which were exacerbated to kind of a ridiculous degree on nuvaring. With respect to the other pills, I was on them long enough ago, and my headaches have changed so much in the intervening time, that I don't really know what kind of effect other hormonal birth controls would have on them. On a side note, my physician is also testing me for bleeding disorders before deciding what to do next.

What I'm interested in finding out is if any of y'all have experience with migraines and mirena, and if possible, migraines and mirena and nuvaring or paragard. I like making informed decisions, but everywhere I turn the information I get is totally different, so I'd like to just get some more direction. Thanks!

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