Goat Friends (frolicnaked) wrote in vaginapagina,
Goat Friends

Vibrating Tampon WTF?

From the blog at the Society for Menstrual Research.

Though the actual filing happened in 2008, the blog tells of an inventor's filing for a patent on a device to shorten the duration of menstruation.

As someone who typically has 10-12 day periods, I had good preconceptions about a device like this. If it could work, I'd want, like, eleventy bajillion of them.

However, reading further, it appears that the device works by "applying pressure oscillations to the vagina... increasing the flow rate of menses and shortening menstruation duration."

So. Um... it's a vibrating tampon that makes one bleed faster?

A couple of thoughts:
1) I can't keep a tampon comfortably in place even when it doesn't move.

2) What happens when a big ol' blood clot gums up the vibrating thingies?
I'm sympathetic to the idea of wanting to shorten one's menstrual period, particularly since it's not always a matter of just wearing menstrual products, as the blog post sort of implies. Still, I think the Vibrating Tampon of "I Put That WHERE?" is not the way I'd want to do it.
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