estrellafugaz85 (estrellafugaz85) wrote in vaginapagina,

Cold sores?

What a totally shitty month/year I'm having. I was diagnosed with PID, I'm finally going to see my long distance boyfriend and now I have what I think is a cold sore on my lip. The only other time I had a 'cold sore' was six months ago, LAST time I went to see my boyfriend, meaning I couldn't kiss him for the whole trip.

What is weird is that I chew and bite and pull the skin on my lips all the time, and I often get these hard lumps on the inner part of my lip (ie not at the edge). They usually go away within a week. This time I stupidly tried to squeeze one and made the area all red and now there's yellow pus inside. Last night I noticed another hard bump on the outer part of my lip, tried to squeeze it, prayed it was just another weird lump and went to bed, but this morning it looks like 3-4 distinct little sores. They don't seem fluid filled, they looked like they're already on their way out. One of them seems to have a little scab on. But if I stand back from the mirror, as a whole, they look sort of puffed out and like a cold sore. Should I just assume it is and not kiss the BF? Jeez this is really the last thing I needed.
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