zebrachild (zebrachild) wrote in vaginapagina,

where to buy spermicide?

where to buy spermicide?

Hi, I've just recently been fitted for a diaphragm and am excited to try it out : D. I picked it up from the pharmacy at Target today. I also planned on buying spermicide there too but the pharmacist said they don't carry it. However, she offered to order some for me if I like. I decided to shop around for some myself, I was thinking that buying it on my own may be quicker than waiting for the pharm to get the order in. I plan on checking out Walgreen's, but don't know where else to go if it's not there (I'm beginning to feel like it is not a common thing to use) . Does anyone here use spermicide? where do you buy it? do ya think I should ask the pharmacy to order it instead?

thanks for your help!
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