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whats going on with me?

So, I've thinking I might be pregnant
for the last two months, I've had odd symtoms:
  • light diarrhea,
  • sensetivity to smells(which gets bad enough to make me dry heave into a sink),
  • eating and the thought/sight of food makes me feel very sick,
  • my stomach feels heavy,
  • and the flat place between my stomach and vagina has less 'give' than usual.
and I had a light period last month(which has never happened before), lasting about two days, one of those days was little more than spotting.

this month, my period was two days late, and today I got a small amount of brown spotting(which has also never happened before) then later in the day, a small amount of...well, period blood like stuff except the consistency was a bit off, it was slimy and the color was brighter then I've had before.

I've taken two pregnancy tests(I did the first one wrong, both came out negative) and I was saving a 3rd one for if I didn't get any bleeding this month.

so my question is, what do you guys make of this?
I'm very confused.

I was told that sometimes, early in a pregnancy, women can get vaginal bleeding which looks and acts similar to a period, had a friend that was about 2, 3 months along before she knew because she thought she kept getting her period.

I am going to the doc at some point but its impossible atm.

I'm 19 and not on HBC.
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