[ the day sees| me |floating with wings of cirrus] (daysees) wrote in vaginapagina,
[ the day sees| me |floating with wings of cirrus]

areola irritation

Hi there, I have a quick question and wondering if anyone could help me out.

I came home today to a house with no heat, and wondering if this had anything to do with it or the lack of water I had this weekend.(I was away and we had run out of water so I didn't get to really bathe well for about a day and a half.) Anyway, my left breast had been bothering me for a few hours, like when my clothes rubbed against the nipple area it was an itchy/pinchy feeling. When I was able to get off all my layers of clothing, I see that there is a small raised line on the outside around the areola, less than an inch but it appears to be very red. When I touched it, I felt that itchy feeling.

So my question is: Does this happen to anyone else in dry weather? What can I do? I put some lotion on it to see if it helped but I was wishing I could just leave my clothes off for a while, it's so irritating!!
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