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I'm just a girl, guess I'm some kind of freak

Breast Reduction: when is it appropriate to request it?

Hey everyone! Hope everybody is having a good day.

I come to you with a weird problem and I'm not really sure where else I could ask. Certainly not my FL, and I can't think of any other comm I'm part of that would be appropriate. SO. Here goes.

I'm overweight. I know, I know. I'm desperately trying to lose weight, by working out [swimming laps at the local high school] and eating healthier. Unfortunately, I have a little issue that makes working out hard.

I have big boobs.

And when I say "big" I don't mean "DD cup," I mean E cup. Or, well, actually, higher. I just found out that I don't fit any of my bras. Which, therefore, means that I'm now... a F/possibly G cup, I suppose. That was kind of a daunting realization, really, I don't really like knowing that while I'm slowly losing weight, my breasts are growing and not shrinking as appropriate.

I've been thinking for a long, long time that I would like a breast reduction, and that if I did, once healed, it would be better for my back, neck, shoulders, AND my activity levels. The issue, however, is that I don't know if it would be "appropriate" to ask for one. I know I can get it covered, because my large knockers are the reason I have this "dowager's hump" at 24/almost 25.

It's just... I'm scared, honestly. While I know it would be a GREAT help to my health, well-being, self image, etc etc, I have never liked surgery. I'm cool with it if it'll help a problem [SEE: gallbladder removal, tubal ligation], but if it's something that could impact other things [sexual pleasure]? I'm just unsure.

I get a great deal of pleasure from having my breasts/nipples played with. I'm also quite the masochist - "whipping," spanking, that sort of thing REALLY gets me going. But I've heard so many stories about loss of sensation, especially in the nipples, that I just... I feel like I need more information and I simply don't know where to go to get it.

So, if anyone has any information they could share, that would be great. Personal anecdata is also appreciated. And also? If I decide to ask for it, how the HELL do I approach my doctor about it? Just straight out? I just... ugh, I hate that part of things.

Thanks in advance, y'all!
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