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"White Spot" on cervix

I had my first post-LEEP pap today. This was the first time seeing this particular doctor because this was at my university. She reexplained to me what my LEEP results meant. She basically said that the opening of the cervix was pretty much taken care of but there would be traces around the far perimeter of the cervix, far from the opening.

Upon looking at my cervix, she first thought she saw some white discharge. After further examination, she said it was a white spot. She couldn't tell what it was from looking at it alone. She sprayed it with some vinegar, and spot looked pretty much the same. Before, it seemed as though that she didn't think she would need to do any biopsies or colposcopies, but with the white spot AND my medical history, she wants to get a biopsy whether my pap comes normal or not. So... A colposcopy awaits.

(Oh, and the position of the remaining abnormal cells were not in the exact position in which the pathology report suggested)

She suggested that maybe it's nothing really concerning... Like a wart. Knowing my probable answer, I asked her what might cause a wart. Of course--A different HPV strain. She drew a small picture, and it suggests that the spot could be bigger than a dime.

Besides that, the doctor said my cervix healed quite well, and I don't have any scarring.

Extra Notes:
I had my cervix looked at ~2-3weeks ago, and the doctor didn't say anything.
The weekend following that examination, my boyfriend and i had sex and for the first time ever, I had bad pain in which I had to stop. I believe it was because my cervix was getting banged up.The pain subsided within 24 hours.
I just finished my period, and I use tampons. So only a couple days ago, i had something in my vag that could have possibly left it a little dry.
Also, we've been together for over 3 years, but almost a year ago, we had a small break in which he did have another sexual partner. (Don't the warts tend to show up within a few months after exposure?)

I know I will find these things out soon enough, but is it probably just a wart from another strain or could it be related to my high-risk strain?
If it IS a strain of HPV that causes warts--will this stay mostly internal? My boyfriend and I are long distance, but I saw him over the weekend, and I saw nothing strange.
Have internal warts ever pose much of a problem?
Could it be something else like irritation, bruising, etc?
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