estrellafugaz85 (estrellafugaz85) wrote in vaginapagina,

Chronic PID?

I was wondering if anyone has any experience of this. I was told by my new GP that she considers it 'quite likely' that this has been my problem for the last few years. I've posted here lots of times about various symptoms like yellow discharge and a weird feeling in my abdomen. I've seen dozens of doctors including several specialists, who told me I was fine. Some were initially concerned about my symptoms but when the swabs all came back negative, and I told them about my sexual practices and history, they seemed to think everything was fine. I've had several pelvic exams over the years and I don't remember any of them being painful until the one I had a month ago, when I was diagnosed with PID, and the one I had in September. (I was so worried about my strange discharge that I demanded my GP do a pelvic exam. She did so and it was quite sore but not excrutiating. I said perhaps she wasn't pressing hard enough. She said if I had PID, I would know it and I would not ask her to press harder to see if it hurt more). I asked my GP in September about a scan and she said she really didn't think I needed one and that she was sure I was fine.

So basically, I can't believe it's possible that I've had PID all this time and not known. I must have been to the doctor/nurse/hospital over 40 times in the last 3 years, and never once was it even suspected. A couple of times I was positive for BV and treated it, but that's all. I've suffered from a sore/tender cervix during some of my paps but nobody seemed remotely concerned by this. I was told my cervix is hard to find, and assumed the digging around made it sore. I've also had lots of exams and pap smears where my cervix did not hurt at all. I had issues with it bleeding after sex a couple years back but that totally cleared up when I stopped taking Yasmin and never reoccurred. GP is insisting that it isn't uncommon for people to go years without a diagnosis of chronic PID.....but most women aren't constantly at the doctor. I mean, my friends go about once a year. I've been 10-12 times in the last six months with these gynae issues, and not ONE doctor or nurse thought it could be PID?? I even brought up concerns about there being pus in my discharge (which they don't normally tell you, I saw it on the computer screen once) and about maybe having PID and I was as good as laughed out of the surgery.

What is going on here?!
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