autumnfibers (autumnfibers) wrote in vaginapagina,

UTI Question

 I have a UTI, the pain of a burning sensation woke me up at about 7 this morning. After getting up I discovered that it burned when I peed as well as having a very achey bladder. I have no insurance and no money, I just moved to Georgia and have no job so that knocks out just about every clinic (free or not) in my city. I also checked for the clinics in Walgreens and CVS and there aren't any in my city. I bought some AZO Urinary Relief to help me deal with the symptoms but I'm not going to be able to go to the doctor until at the very earliest next Tuesday (I have to move from Georgia back to Missouri first)

I was just wondering if there was any herbal remedies you guys knew of or anything else. I'm worried about it spreading but I have NO way to get it checked out by a doctor until I get back to Missouri and make an appointment at my health department. 

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