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I can't really talk to my doctor about this, and if I go to the Brooke or GUM, I find it hard to have a proper, long discussion about it.

I'm just starting a new relationship, and although I don't intend to sleep with him for a good six months, I'd like to be prepared early.  We do intend to use condoms, but I want some kind of back-up contraception as well, just in case.

I can't take microgynon (which I believe is a combined pill?) any more, because they started to give me migraines, so all kinds of combined pill are out.  Including the patch, which I really liked.:(

I've taken cerazette before (progestogen only), and I absolutely hate it.  It made me constantly moody, and it stopped my periods.  I feel a lot happier menstruating regularly (or, at least, appearing to), since I consider it a reassuring sign that I'm not pregnant (and, with my menstrual cup, periods just stopped being a pain every month, and started to become an interesting source of information about my body).

I also don't really like the idea of chemical contraceptives in general.  I don't want to put them in my body, although I do recognise that I probably don't have much choice there.:(  I don't like the thought that my feelings and reactions aren't entirely my own.

The idea of an implant only really bothers me because of the whole chemical aspect.  What if I find that that makes me horribly moody as well, and it can't be taken out quickly?

I'm horrified by needles, and I recently figured out why that is.  It's the idea of something being put through my skin, and staying there, even if only for a few seconds, holding it open.  That concept just really horrifies me.  Last time I had blood taken, I sobbed the entire way through - not because it hurt, but because the idea of having a needle stuck in my arm really, really bothered me.  I'd rather not be injected, for that reason, and, again, because of the whole chemical thing. 

The needle thing is also why I hate the idea of an IUD, which my gynaecologist pushed for the last time I brought it up.  I've read about how they're inserted, and it sounds absolutely horrific.  Plus, the idea of a string coming through my cervix and hanging down?  It just really icks me.  The idea makes me shudder.

...so is there a miracle contraception that I'm missing?  Or can any of you kind ladies offer more information about various kinds of contraception which might make me feel better about them?  I'm only personally familiar with the pill (microgynon and cerazette), the patch, and condoms.
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