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Rashes on vulva

For as long as I can remember, my vulva has always been extremely itchy. It doesn't matter if it is shaved or not, the itch never disappears. Often times I've scratched it till I bled. Before I have tried to keep my nails short, but it is honestly more irritating because then I can't relieve the itch.

I finally got on medication for a yeast infection after a year or so of asking for it. Over the counter cures just made the infection worse. The itch has died down quite a bit, but now I've noticed that there's a rash around both my vulva and my anus. It's in patches on my outer labia and mostly around the crack of my butt.

Adding to this, I was just recently diagnosed with ringworm on my neck. I read up on it when I got home and most websites and books say that it can stay under your nail beds. Because of this, I'm thinking that it could possibly be ringworm as I just assumed the patch was just a small patch of eczema. The patch on my neck doesn't have the 'ring' around it, but shows all the other symptoms of ringworm. Having taken a closer look at my other rashes, they both look the same.

Though I didn't mention it to my doctor as I didn't think of telling him at the time, I've started to use the cream and they are getting a little better.

Right now my two biggest concerns are that:
a) It's not actually ringworm, but some form of STI. I have no blisters or bumps and am currently completely shaved. I don't have any other strange symptoms such as feeling like I have the flu, frequent urination and the like.
b) This ties in with the former question. I'm worried it could possibly be passed to a partner. Everything I've read just says that it's a fungus, but it doesn't exactly say how if it could get passed from person to person or how long the exposure needs to be before it gets passed.
c) I could be doing more harm than good by throwing of some of the natural chemistry of my vulva/vagina. After finally getting it back to 'normal' after suffering for so long, I really don't want to mess anything up by using this cream. However, currently the itching and stinging is so bad I don't even want to wear pants and I find the cream is helping a bit.

Does anyone have any feedback about this? Honestly, I'm very embarrassed by the whole thing so any reassurance is greatly welcomed.
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