Lexy (iced_deviant) wrote in vaginapagina,

Hormone Illness Help


Hoping someone maybe able to head me in the right direction on finding out more about the problem i have.

First of all some info:
I'm 25 this year,married, dont smoke, barely drink, on no birth control, i has POS and am a bit chubby and not currently trying to have children.

My periods have been irregular for the last 5-6 years, more recently 2-3 when it is the time of thr month that i should get my period or end up getting them, i vomit, sometimes get diarrah, I get numbness in my face, hand and feet - sometimes other places, i loose control of my vision and and hearind and i get very muddled and disorentated. this is all very scarey and last time it happened i needed to be rescued from the shopping centre as i couldnt drive - i couldnt speak to the checkout boy as my tongue was numb.

the time before, i fainted and knocked my self out cold and had to go to the hospital - they did CAT scans etc but i was just told it was my hormones and ill get better.

I can't go thru life not knowing if i will faint or go all weird or vomit everywhere.However i havnt been able to find any info about this type of thing, i dont take birth control as it can make the illness wrost.

my doctor has given me pills to stop me vomitting and forte tablets for my super big headache.

It's a very hard thing to explain and would welcome questions or comments.

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