Elizabeth McCoy (archangelbeth) wrote in vaginapagina,
Elizabeth McCoy

PMS and FAM question

Out of what will probably be idle curiosity (at least, this month), if one is experiencing PMS symptoms... one has probably ovulated, yes?

(Understanding that PMS symptoms may be mimicked by other things, one can't be sure unless one's been charting temps and cervical postion/mucous, etc.!)

I'm mostly asking because, while I do not personally like the perfect-use stats of contraceptive sponges alone, doubling up with crude fertility awareness and/or calendar method is within my risk tolerance -- and if PMS (assuming it is PMS, etc.) would normally suggest that the ova's disintegrated like a teeny-tiny armed and operational Death Star...

And I have little idea what keywords to use to google on it. O:/ (My first attempt seems to verify my assumption, but vaguely enough that I'd like to tap into the VP decentralized data source. O:> )

Muchos gracias!
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