eviesales (eviesales) wrote in vaginapagina,

Self administered swabs?

So I was just at the walk in clinic and I wanted to test for an infection cause I've been hurting on and off very mild though. So the doc was a male so I said I'd do the swab myself. Unfortunately I didn't have s mirror so I was going blind lol. I didn't want to insert a finger first because they weren't 100% clean so I just got a tissue to spread my labia and then just aimed lol. Well it kinda hurt! Maybe from being tense and I probably hit the wall or poked it or something. I doubt I accidentally went into the urethra but I'm paranoid. I came home and looked in the mirror seemed fine. Maybe a bit irritated too from peeing in their office with rough toilet paper ow! Lol. Well I still hurt a bit now too, like I've been poked in the vagina! Haha
so I'm wondering if you girls do your own swabs?
Next time I'll be sure to have a mirror.
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