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Vulvar Vestibulitis and Vulvodynia Doctors

Hey VPers! I just wanted to make a courtesy announcement that I have found a great doctor in the Chicago area for vestibulitis and vulvodynia. His name is Dr. Ronald Meltzer and his office is in downtown Chicago, at Michigan Avenue and Washington Street. If you google him, you'll find his office's phone information so you can make an appointment.

Don't struggle with gynos who don't know what vestibulitis or vulvodynia are! I did, and it's just a waste of your time and money. If any other VPers know of good vestibulitis and vulvodynia doctors in their local area, please post them as a reply to this post so we can build a network of information on the subject.

Also, I've begun a blog to detail my progress in recovering from vestibulitis. If you'd like to follow it, the address is: http://healthyjoules.wordpress.com/

Thank you!
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