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No blood test for HSV-2...

So, I have read about the different blood tests that are available for detecting antibodies to the oral and genital herpes viruses. From my understanding, the more widely available tests don't give the most conclusive results and can sometimes give false positives/negatives, and then there are other less available tests that are more highly accurate.

A week or so ago, a situation came up where I felt it would be necessary for me to get tested for the virus, though I have never experienced an outbreak (and I would like to know my status either way).

So, I went to the doctor - and mentioned that I wanted to be tested for HSV-2. She looked at me strangely and asked "why", I told her the situation, and she said:
"Well, we need to take a sample from a present sore in order to test for the virus. There is no such thing as a blood tests that tests for the HSV-2 virus."

I was baffled. I had seen countless entires in this community, and other information on the web that documented this blood test in detail. So I persisted. "It's my understand from doing personal research and through other people who have told me about it that XYZ"

And she said, very rudely I might add, "Whoever gave you that information was lying. There is no such thing as a blood test that tests for antibodies to HSV-1 or HSV-2"

So I said "Oh, do you mean that this test isn't available in Canada or...?"

"No, there is no such thing as that test, I have no idea what you are talking about"

Assuming I was wrong, I came home feeling a little confused and irritated, and decided to get back on the internet and do some more research. And I found PLENTY of information about this test. Am I crazy? Why did this doctor tell me that the test doesn't exist? I called Health Services the next day and complained to the director about my experience because I was rather offended by her in general. The director said she would do some research and inform all of the campus physicians of the issue.

Basically what I want to know is...why did this doctor lie to me? Is it really possible that she has never heard of the test? I feel like it's her job to be informed and not to be rude in situations where she is clearly ill-informed. Or am I crazy; are all of these resources that I've found "fake"?

I am ultra confused. Any help would be greatly appreciated <3
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