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Asking for BC for the first time

I'm sure this has been asked a million times before, but I couldn't fine quite the information that I needed.

I went to the doctor complaining of bad cramps a few months ago, and she said that I could either try birth control (pills, I assume?) or continue to deal with it using massive amounts of advil/tylenol and different dietary things (I get low blood pressure and pass out after I shower becasue I have orthostatic hypotension like lots of teenage kids, so she said to eat more salt).  My mom takes some kind of non-narcotic but damn strong pain killer, but she never offered that to me.

I put off the bc before, but I'm tired of cramps.  So VP, does hormonal birth control reduce cramps for you?  A few other questions: do they normally do a pelvic exam before giving you bc?  The doctor is an endochronologist I see for diabetes care, I don't know if that would matter... Ahh...anything I should ask when I go in, or things I need to consider?  I really don't mind taking pills or shots or any of that, so that's not really an issue.   The doctor said that she won't prescribe me a low estrogen pill, because they're bad? and I don't absorb calcium well already, and apparently the estrogen helps?  Do any of you know what she was talking about here? I have no idea...

HELP, I'm confused and in totally new territory.
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