lithiumflavored (lithiumflavored) wrote in vaginapagina,

allergic to sperm?

Hi, I just joined this morning, but I often lurk around here. I expect to be making a rather large post soon, but something more urgent has come to my attention...

First off, let me just say, I most likely have the world's most sensitive vagina. Since I was a little girl it's been nothing but trouble for me and most of the time I just scream and say I deserve a sex change.

Getting Mirena did not help this fact, but that's another story. (maybe I'm possibly allergic to it?)

Anyway, my problem now is, I think I may be allergic to my fiance's sperm, if it's possible. Since I have had the Mirena IUD, we do not use condoms and I use plenty of lube, which I am positive I am not allergic to.

But I let him finish inside of me when he feels comfortable (most of the time he doesn't feel comfortable and thinks that by some freak accident I'll end up pregnant).

Every single time he does, it feels like my vagina is going to die. Aside from the usual tiny cuts I get that cause burning, it's like my girly bits are on FIRE inside and out, and it usually bring a tear or two until I go to bed. And it ends up hurting into the next day.

Also, I've noticed when he finished on my skin, my skin gets really red and irritated. It never itches, but it certainly doesn't like it.

And also, I'm not sure if this is related to his sperm, but once after I gave him oral, about 30 minutes after my whole mouth swelled up on the inside...

I'm not sure, but is it possible to be allergic to sperm? If so, could this be an obstacle when I want to become pregnant? He's the only partner I've ever experienced this with...

and if it helps, we've both been tested, STD free.
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