twenty6colors (twenty6colors) wrote in vaginapagina,

female -> male strap-on sex

Soooooo guess what?? My boy is willing :D

I'm excited. Usually the anal sex talk goes something like this:

"Can I do you in the a**?"
"Can I do YOU in the a**?"
"Then, no."

(actually it's more like, "can I do you...?" "can we do it the right way?" "what's the right way?" and then I explain, then I get a no, so I say no, etc...)

He plays nice with me, so I said yes... and now my interest is piqued over the prospect of bending him over for the same.

I've never used a strap-on before... any suggestions?

I just read Bend Over Your Boyfriend, and it says, "choose one with a slight curve and strap it in so the curve points up, so it'll better stimulate his prostate."

Would this mean to turn the curve so that's it's pointing downward (like a rainbow - arch up, or a frown)? Since he's bent over, and the prostate is anterior, this would make sense... but I want to be sure. Also, I'm assuming any dildo with a standard base could be rotated?


Also, any harness suggestions that won't break the bank?

Be nice, go slow, use lube, and then more lube... am I missing anything?

Suggests welcome!

TIA :)

oh, and if there's a better suited community for this... send it my way.
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