abc_nono (abc_nono) wrote in vaginapagina,

period or implantation bleeding?

i was supposed to get my period today or tomorrow. i'm not late yet but i have had sex in the last month (WITH a condom) and was just feeling a little worried i might be pregnant. i've been bloated for the last few days, which is normal for me leading up to my period. i got cramps and started bleeding earlier today and was relieved, thinking i'd gotten my period. it seemed light and not bright red. still reddish and not brown, it was just different than it usually starts out as. i usually start out with a heavy flow and bright red blood. i used a tampon and removed it like six hours later and parts out if were still very white, having not soaked through. now i'm not bleeding muuuch right now but i still have cramps. i thought implantation bleeding was like whitish discharge with some blood in it. well, this is straight blood but it's a different colour and a different flow. i read somewhere while researching this that any bleeding that isn't exactly like your normal period is implantation bleeding? now i'm really worried and confused again. also, i just started lexapro about two weeks ago, if that means anything in relation to this.

thanks for your help, lovelies! :)
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