flyingjay (flyingjay) wrote in vaginapagina,

Unnecessary Pregnancy Concern/Preventing Implantation

So...I've been tracking my cycles for a little while now, and I still haven't really gotten comfortable having condom-less sex yet, except for the very last few days of my cycle, well after the temp shift. One thing that charting has done for me, however, is make me really nervous about sex during my fertile period. We use condoms, but last night I think he accidentally put it on inside out first, then switched it around. And there was tons of pre-cum, and I'm not sure if he peed after having sex a few hours prior to that. I should have stopped and used a new condom, but I didn't, and sure enough my temp shifted this morning, which I could have predicted.

I keep telling myself that before I started charting, this stuff happened all the time and didn't worry me, but since I KNOW that last night was a dangerous time for a condom slip-up, I'm making myself nuts. I also know that the chances of pregnancy from the incident I described are pretty slim, but maybe I'll feel better if some of you wonderful superstars chime in to second the motion? Also...on the very slim chance that my guy has super sneaky sperm, is there anything one can do to make implantation less likely? (I'm pretty sure the answer to that is no, but I figured it's at least worth asking..)

Man, I hate being this paranoid. Intellectually I'm fine with the statistical risk here, but emotionally, I always end up freaking out. I'd hate to have to start abstaining during this week. Anyone have any suggestions? (My vag HATES spermicides, my guy's no good at withdrawal, and I'm not interested in going back on any form of HBC...I guess I'm just looking for suggestions about how to calm my nerves...)

Thanks! I love you folks :)
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