twenty6colors (twenty6colors) wrote in vaginapagina,

grapeseed oil/oil based lubes/sensitivities

I've used plenty of lubes before, most recently though just lots of KY - warming gel? it's the boy's, didn't get a good look at it but I like it a lot, and I've had a lot of luck with KY's sensual spray lube. The boy recently recommended grapeseed oil, so I picked some up. We used grapeseed oil tonight (either he heard it was good, or he has experience with it, or both... I only know what I've read), and my vag just got really raw really fast. Granted, we pretty much skipped all measure of foreplay (it's been a couple weeks ;P), so there's that... but with adequate lube I don't get sore THAT fast - even without much foreplay. This wasn't so immediate that it felt like a contact allergy, per-se, but it was pretty soon into intercourse. It was slippery enough, but it didn't feel viscous enough to provide adequate friction-protection. Make sense? I made him stop and switched to a recent buy: KY Intrigue. I tried this once by myself before and it had a greasy feel (also oil-based? not sure on this) but was otherwise ok... no improvement. Had to call the whole thing off, my vag was burning.

Anyone experience something similar? Or is anyone aware of oil sensitivities? Or people generally just having bad luck with oils? I've never used a natural oil before, but I've read a ton of very positive things about them (particularly grapeseed and jojoba), so my reaction seems strange.

I am pretty dry much of the time, either because it takes more time for my body to catch up to my brain during arousal than we spend on foreplay, or because I'm just a dried up prune (I blame hbc, and many many many mood/psychotropic medications over the years, stress, not drinking enough water, whatever. lube is my friend.)

On that note, does anyone have any lube suggestions? Something that nearly completely lacks odor, is light, and is not greasy - or sticky, long-lasting maybe?

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