Brittany Lynn (minu_luffs) wrote in vaginapagina,
Brittany Lynn

Ovarian cyst?

Hey, new here~  18 year old, got a question to (hopefully) calm my nerves a bit!

So, a few nights ago I woke up in the middle of the night from a dream and realised that I had some stabby stabby pains in the general area of my lady parts, to the left.  It wasn't horrible pain, I've woken up and started crying from cramps before, and this was nowhere near that bad!  I figured it would go away, ya?

Well, I'm still getting mild stabby pains, sometimes just a dull ache, in the same area.  Not ibuprofen worthy, just enough to worry me haha.  Another thing I've noticed since them is that I am peeing like CRAZY.  I've lost track how many times I've absolutely HAD to get up to go pee, because it felt like my bladder was ready to burst!  It's not like I'm drinking a lot of extra liquids...

I was reading online and it sounded similar to an ovarian cyst, so I'm wondering what your experiences with them are?  Should I tell my mom and try to go to a doctor, or what?  And if so... would there be any blood tests/needles?  I've got some, ah, anxieties with needles, but if it's important I can attempt to work through it. ^^;


EDIT: I went to the doctor today and they don't think it's a UTI, but possibly a cyst of some sort... If it gets worse they want me to go back for an ultrasound.
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