aimeelynn06 (aimeelynn06) wrote in vaginapagina,

Peeling skin under breasts

I know this isn't vagina-related, but you all are very knowledgeable. The skin under my breasts (mainly the the left one) is peeling and hurts a lot. I haven't put any different things on it or used new soap or anything. Even though It's right where my underwire sits, I don't think it's from my bra. I'm trying to put a picture inside, so please bear with me if I fail. I'm kind of livejournal illiterate. :)

The red parts aren't the only parts that are peeling and hurt, there's more that you can't really see, but those are the most painful parts.
I'm in college so it's really difficult for me to get to the dermatologist, so if I could avoid it, that would be great.

Thanks, everyone!
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