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My fibroadenoma removal!


Today I got a fibroadenoma removed, and after scourging this website for information before my surgery, I figured I would share my experience of the procedure.

I had discovered my fibroadenoma around a year ago, on the side of my left breast (near my armpit). I met with my gyno, and after an ultrasound and 9 months of keeping an eye on it, it became so uncomfortable that I decided to go further and get it removed.
After meeting with a very nice breast doctor (who discovered 2 more in my other boob), we discussed my options and set the date. Because it was placed so close to the surface, no biopsy was needed. Just a removal. Frankly, I was excited for the procedure. I am currently in college to be a Medical Technologist, so I was intrigued by the idea of being conscious in the surgery room (strangely enough). I was also tired of dealing with a constantly tender boob, and was ready for it to be removed.

The procedure was done under local anesthesia. After marking my boob (he even put a little valentines day heart), we rolled into surgery. They did a prep and betadine'd my entire left hand side of my chest, neck and arm. I was hooked up to a heart monitor and had a blood pressure thing on my arm that squeezed every 5 minutes; which was possibly the most nerve-wracking part just because I could hear my heartbeat beeping the entire time. I had a curtain over my face so I was unable to see any of the procedure.

After they delivered local anesthesia shots to my boob (which was the part I was dreading most--it was less painful than I expected), the procedure began. There was a lot of tugging to keep the skin tight for the incision, and they also had a little vacuum tube to suck up all the blood. Aside from feeling all of the pressure and tugging, there was no pain. The doctor and staff were very nice and attentive, constantly making sure I was okay and gave me updates on what was going on during the entire procedure. While using the cauterizing tool, I felt one of the zaps, but after more local everything was fine. I could feel the pressure of him pulling it out, and the final tugs of it being cut away from my skin. The doctor wheeled the forceps with the lump between them across the curtain so I could see it firsthand. It was around the size of a cashew, and seemed to have multiple lobes. Pretty disgusting. He sewed me up with dissolvable stitches and dressing strips that I will be able to shower in.

After the procedure, I was wheeled back into a room to get dressed and wash up. The bandage is really small, and it seems like the incision is very small as well, maybe the diameter of a dime at most. Around 20 mins after surgery, I started swelling a bit and actually feeling the pain of the procedure. I was prescribed vicodin for the pain and given a nice little icepack that fits snugly in my bra. After a last check of the vitals, I was allowed to go home.

Now, 10 hours later, the pain is dull, but manageable with the icepack and meds. I am slightly swollen and starting to bruise. I expect the bruising to get much worse just from the tugging and pulling, but I feel fine. They suggested that I wear a bra for the next few days to provide padding and support, and I bought a nice comfy one with no underwire that is working well. While I plan to take it easy for the next few days, they said that if I felt well enough, I could return to my yoga class on Monday. I have a follow up appointment in 2 weeks to make sure everything has healed correctly. Overall, I had a really positive experience with my surgery, and I would do it again if needed. 

Now for the pictures!

here is the cyst peeking out from my teat

and here it is, fully removed in all its glory.

Thank you for reading!
I would be happy to answer any questions.
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